3 Practical Ways to Keep Your Barcode Printers Operating at Maximum Efficiency

Thermal barcode printers are frequently used in demanding manufacturing and warehouse environments. Dust and residue are one of the most common causes of printer failure. Here are a few ways to improve the performance of your printer and reduce downtime.

1. Clean Your Printer Regularly
Regular cleaning will help keep your printer operating at optimum performance. We recommend that you clean your printhead every time you change a media roll. It is easy to do and will improve the longevity of your printer and printhead.

  • How-to videos with instructions for cleaning your printer are available on the TSC Auto ID YouTube channel and the Printronix Auto ID YouTube channel.
  • Instructions for cleaning can also be found in your printer’s user manual.
  • If you need additional help with maintenance or cleaning, we recommend contacting your salesperson or our TSC Auto ID or Printronix Auto ID technical support team.

2.  Use Recommended Cleaning Supplies We recommend using the cleaning solutions and supplies found in your user manual. Using the wrong materials may damage your printer or printhead. Cleaning supplies for your printer are available through TSC Printronix Auto ID Genuine Supplies.

3.  Media Matters
Using high-quality media and ribbon can drastically prolong the life of your printer and printhead. Lower quality media may leave residue on your printer which can ultimately cause printer failure. TSC Printronix Auto ID Genuine Supplies are affordable and specifically designed for use with your TSC and Printronix Auto ID printers. For help choosing the right media for your application and printer, contact our supplies specialist at 657-258-0816.

What Should You Do If Your Printer Goes Down?
In the event of printer failure, your main concern is to minimize downtime.

With the TSC Printronix Auto ID On-Site Service and Extended Warranty Program, it just takes one phone call to reach someone who can quickly get your operation back up and running. Quick turnaround time is one of the many benefits of having a service contract. Whether you choose the Return to Depot Service or On-site Service option, having a service contract means faster service and less downtime. And, less downtime means more productivity.

Key Benefits of On-Site Service and Extended Warranty:

  • Lower overall cost of ownership
  • Fixed cost for service and support
  • Keeps mission-critical equipment operating at peak levels
  • Increases productivity
  • Access to TSC Printronix Auto ID customer service engineers
  • Less expensive than services purchased at time-and-materials rates
  • Simplifies the repair process

Cost Benefits of On-Site Service and Extended Warranty
In today’s competitive market, productivity and efficiency are critical to the success of your business. What is the cost if your operation goes down for an hour, a day or a week? What does it do to your bottom line? These are things to consider when deciding to purchase a service and extended warranty contract.

The TSC Printronix Auto ID On-Site Service and Extended Warranty Program provides a set of pre-determined, fixed costs for service and support throughout the year. Our service programs are competitively priced and include the following cost benefits:

  • Allows you to budget for service and support costs throughout the year
  • No hidden charges or travel cost are incurred
  • Discounted rates are available when service contracts are purchased at the time of printer purchase
  • Fast turnaround time means your operation will be back-up quickly
  • All repairs are done using genuine TSC Printronix Auto ID parts and labor
  • Preventive maintenance and adjustments are included
  • Multiple levels of service contracts are available depending on the needs of your operation

For more information on the TSC Printronix Auto ID Service and Extended Warranty programs, we recommend contacting your sales representative. Not all service options are available in all areas.
Download Brochure: On-Site Site Service and Extended Warranty


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