A Day in the Life of a Barcode: How Barcode Technology Adds Value to the Supply Chain

For over 46 years, barcode technology has been used to accelerate the extraction of data from product and shipping labels. In many industries, labels are applied to items to convey information to the manufacturer, the end-user, and anyone along the supply chain. This information can include everything from where the item originated, when and how it was made, the number of items in -the shipment, identification of the sender, and how fast the item traveled one point to another.

For manufacturing and distribution centers, barcode labels can provide key information pertaining to the target destination of a shipment, its weight, source, contents, hazard warnings, and authentication information. The ability to convey all this information rapidly and at a glance with a simple scan typically involves a complex combination of text, symbols, and barcodes. Due to the ability to cut production and operation times, barcode scanners are becoming increasingly universal devices. The technology has been expanded to be compatible even within phones, point-of-sale checkout equipment, and industrial portals. For decades, barcodes have been workhorses of the manufacturing, logistics, transportation, retail, and healthcare industries by adding speed to operations through automation.

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