TSC barcode printers boost retail

4 Awesome Ways that Barcode Printers are Boosting the Retail Industry

Barcode printers provide vital applications in many industries, from patient wristbands in hospitals to vinyl safety signage in workplaces, and the retail industry is no exception.

Across the globe, barcode printers are boosting the retail industry, making operations easier and more cost-effective for businesses and in-store and user experiences faster and more amenable for customers.

Discover four awesome ways that barcode printers are benefitting the retail world in today’s blog post.


1) You can print thousands of labels per day for incoming goods with barcode printers.

Retailers use barcode and RFID labels to ship products, track inventory, and mark up goods in stores. Often, the number of labels that retailers need to print daily tally into staggering amounts.

To meet this need, you can use reliable thermal barcode printers with premium performance and fast print speeds to print thousands of labels per day, especially if your stores receive high numbers of incoming goods on a regular basis.

To see a real-life application, check out how Moi Magazin, a modern retail chain in Russia, uses the TSC TTP-225 label printer to produce up to 8,000 58 x 30 mm labels per day in its stores in this case study.


2) You can keep up with diversified product offerings and a high volume of customer orders.

How do retailers stay competitive in an increasingly volatile industry? Diversifying your product offerings can be one option. Consider your closest bookstore; do you notice how they don’t sell just books anymore and instead sell coffee, toys, games, candles, and all manner of bric-à-brac in addition to – well, books?

Barcode printers can be a great resource for retailers with product diversification. The more goods, the more labels you need, after all. And if you need to print high-quality labels as your product offerings increase, barcode printers can be the perfect tool.

They’re also great for high volumes of customer orders. One of the main retail applications is in shipping and receiving. When your customer orders increase, you need more labels as well. Utilizing reliable and durable barcode printers can help to minimize your tracking errors and expedite your goods delivery.

For an example of how barcode printers helped DNS, a major Russian digital-technology retail chain, keep up with its diversified product offerings and increased customer orders, check out this case study.

3) You can change the kinds of labels you print depending on the product type or where it will be stored.

Not every application requires the same kind of label. Perhaps you need more durable labels, or maybe you’re just looking to print on regular thermal labels – or perhaps most likely, you need more than one kind of label.

Purchasing different printers just to print a certain kind of label can be frustrating and expensive. Therein lies the beauty of barcode printers that can print direct thermal and thermal transfer labels: you can print on different materials without having to change the device.

This will save you time, money, and possible headaches.

Learn how retailers use TSC’s TDP-225 printer to print low-cost thermal labels or longer-lasting semi-gloss labels depending on their needs at the time.

4) You can quickly and efficiently change price labels for markdowns and special offers (especially during the holiday season).

While, for many, the holiday season is the most wonderful time of the year, if you’re a retailer and don’t have the efficient printing devices you need to keep up the rapid pace, it can be a not-so-wonderful time of the year.

Thankfully, high-performance barcode printers can be the solution you’re looking for during the holiday season – particularly given the fact that holiday sales continue to go up every season.

Barcode printers allow retailers to quickly label their products and make price changes easier. Labeling the products can be instantaneous, or practically so, during critical times or whenever there’s a price change on any of your products for promos, markdowns, or holiday deals.

See how Spanish retailer DRIM uses TSC’s Alpha-3R printers to boost its operations and efficiently manage all its daily labeling activities in this use case.


These are just some of the awesome ways that barcode printers are boosting the retail industry. To learn more about different retail applications and how TSC printers can help you to improve workflows and increase operational efficiency, visit our retail solutions page.


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