Inside the Growing World of Cannabis Labels & Packaging: An Interview with THC Label Solutions

Inside the Growing World of Cannabis Labels & Packaging: An Interview with THC Label Solutions

In the two years that have passed since we last interviewed our labeling partner, THC Label Solutions, the North American cannabis industry has exploded.

In the United States, the states of Michigan and Illinois recently legalized recreational marijuana use.

From 2017-2018, the U.S. cannabis industry grew at annualized rates between 21.7-36.2%, reaching a total revenue of $6.4 billion.

And in October 2018, Canada joined Uruguay as the second country in the world to legalize the non-medical use of marijuana.

To learn more about how these changes have positively affected the cannabis label and packaging industry, we decided to interview Cameron Brown, the Director of Sales at THC Label Solutions.

Here’s a look inside the growing world of recreational and medical cannabis labels.


Q: The cannabis industry has grown a lot since 2017. How has this affected your business?

A: We’ve seen a lot of markets expand as more states have legalized medical and recreational marijuana. There has also been quite a bit of legislation.

We also offer a lot more solutions now besides labels: packaging, heavy equipment/machinery, applicators and more. We really offer anything a cannabis business would need for identifying cannabis and hemp.

As a one-stop shop, we help a lot of our vertically integrated customers to be more efficient by offering them equipment and training as part of a service package.

We work with everyone from dispensaries to distributors and even multistate brands – anyone involved in the cannabis industry. We also have clients in Canada.

THC Roll-On Pro – Round Product Label Applicator THC Label Solutions

Example of Equipment Available from THC Label Solutions: THC Roll-On Pro – Round Product Label Applicator


Q: Tell us more about the differences between supplying label solutions for states that have legalized recreational marijuana and states that have legalized medical marijuana.  

A: It’s usually a pretty smooth transition since most states give a head’s up on the timeframe when they legalize recreational cannabis after legalizing medical cannabis. There are usually certain things they’ll require in terms of labeling.

Some states have both recreational and medical marijuana that are two different classes, and we can support businesses with their needs for either recreational or medical marijuana.

Most states have commonly used cannabis universal symbols. You can head over to our website to download these symbols for free!

California Cannabis Universal Symbol (Available on THC Label Solutions Website)

California Cannabis Universal Symbol (Available on THC Label Solutions Website)


Q: Tell us about your work in Canada. How does it differ from your work in the U.S.?  

A: It’s pretty much on par with the U.S. as far as how things are run. Canada has its own regulations and requirements that they need on their products; the only different part is that import duties and taxes can be tricky sometimes. Though the U.S. and Canada are two different countries, they have the same kind of business model.

Also, Canada has specific packaging requirements that are similar to the cannabis companies in the U.S., but differ a little. For example, their packaging must be opaque and a certain color. It’s pretty standardized and similar to pharmaceutical packaging.

Canada Universal Symbol - 1" Circles (1,000/roll) THC Label Solutions

Canada Universal Symbol – 1″ Circles (1,000/roll)


Q: What are some of your standout products from the past few years?

A: All of our thermal TSC printers; these are great printers that work well in any type of environment in our industry.

Compact Ultra THC Printer THC Label Solutions

Compact Ultra THC Printer

Our applicators, too. There’s been an increased demand in applicators for labeling jars, joint tubes… even bags and boxes.

THC-Fire Label Applicator for Round Jars & Side Labels THC Label Solutions

THC-Fire Label Applicator for Round Jars & Side Labels

Our labels have been very big in terms of custom labels. With the industry’s need to create a unique brand, it’s important to separate themselves with custom solutions.

Hybrid Tamper Evident Void Labels THC Label Solutions

Hybrid Tamper Evident Void Labels


Q: How do you help your cannabis customers who are looking for custom solutions?

A: Let’s say that one of our customers wants certain variable information they want to print on their labels. We can actually write software for one of our thermal printers so they can be standalone.

That way, our customers can take our printers out into the field to different parts of the warehouse and outdoors. This is ideal when our customers don’t want to drag their computer(s) around.


Q: What have you enjoyed about working with TSC over the years? 

A: TSC is awesome! We love working with them. They’re good at forecasting our needs. We work in a tight partnership with Jim Jurek, Ken Chou, and Kevin O’Donnell from the TSC team.

We love all of the TSC printers we use; they all work so consistently and do whatever our customers need.

We’ve never had an issue and have never run into a problem where a TSC printer wouldn’t do what it needed to do.


Q: What are the main trends you expect to see in the medical and recreational cannabis industry?

A: The industry is evolving and just keeps growing and growing. The need to standardize in a corporate way will probably grow, too.

We also believe that a lot of companies will start implementing print systems and that this vertically integrating trend will continue to grow.

In the cannabis industry, a lot of people only want to deal with one company or one person; everything is very tight-knit. That’s why having a one-stop solution is probably the most beneficial for our customers.


About THC Label Solutions

THC Label Solutions is the cannabis industry leader in custom labels and packaging.  From design and printing to variable data and application of your finished product, they have you covered!

For more information about THC Label Solutions, visit 


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