Capture Every Detail with a 600 dpi Label Printing Solution


As industries become more demanding with barcode label regulations, manufacturers need to encode more information with greater clarity on every label they produce. The need for higher resolution labels poses two major issues. First, to avoid fines, chargebacks, and returns from the receiver the labels need to meet compliance standards. Additionally, the labels must convey all the necessary information in a way that is still sharp, readable, and scannable. Read on to learn how your industry and application requirements work together to determine the print resolution you will require.

Printing Needs and Industry Determine Resolution Requirements

The resolution of a printer refers to the dots per inch (dpi) that are printed. Common resolution levels provided on TSC Printronix Auto ID printers include 203, 300, and 600 dpi. The higher the resolution, the more dots per inch, and the crisper your label will be. With a 600 dpi printer, businesses can encode large files on various sized barcode labels and be confident that the smallest of details are captured.

Depending on what is being printed, different resolutions may be required. As a best practice, the smaller the label, the better the print clarity and resolution needs to be. We offer high-resolution, 600 dpi on most of our thermal barcode label printers ranging from desktop to industrial, including printers with the latest advancements in RFID printing and encoding technology. When printing large files on small labels, we recommend the TSC TX600 desktop printer and the MX640P industrial printer.

The TX600 is currently one of only a few 600 dpi desktop printers available. It has significant cost-saving advantages for low-print volume users. One highlight of the TX600 is its large 300-meter ribbon supply on a one-inch core – which saves users both time and money.

For high-volume print jobs where precision is key, we recommend the MX640P. The high resolution and rugged construction of the MX640P make it ideal for printing very small 2D barcodes, graphics, fine print, and other ultra-high-resolution images. Our reliable and cutting-edge applications can produce precise and accurate tags on labels as small as an eighth of an inch to a quarter of an inch tall.

Durable Labels for Extreme Environments

 High-resolution printing has seen success in industries where small but durable labels are necessary for withstanding extreme conditions. 600 dpi printing is popular among our customers in printed circuit board (PCB) printing applications. In complex manufacturing industries, where a lot of information is encoded on labels and where application environments are extreme, high heat resistant label applications are ideal. TSC high-resolution, barcode label printers are particularly beneficial for labeling in the medical, pharmaceutical, and retail industries where high-precision printing for small labels is required.

Customers looking to double their print clarity and produce sharper barcode labels should consider a 600 dpi printer. As your barcode printing experts, helping you find the right printer for your unique application is our goal.

To find out how to upgrade your current printer or to see if your current printer is capable of high-resolution printing contact your TSC Printronix Auto ID sales representative.



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