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TSC Announces Changes to U.S. and Canada Sales Structure

As you know, Printronix Auto ID was purchased by TSC in January 2016. Since then, we have gone through many changes, and although some were unpredictable, our goal remains the same: we (TSC and Printronix) are committed to providing our Partners with a growing line of superior products and exceptional service.

As we grow and evolve, there are additional changes on the horizon. These changes are designed to provide better service and support to our Value-Added Reseller (VAR) Partners.

TSC Map 10-5-17

Sales Organization

The U.S. sales team will be led by Kevin O’Donnell, Director of Sales. The sales team reporting to Kevin will support both TSC and Printronix products.  The team will consist of:

4 Territory Managers: These four Territory Managers will soon be responsible for supporting both Printronix and TSC partners. This change means our territories will be smaller, so you’ll have better access to your Territory Manager. You may be seeing a new face, but rest assured that you will receive all the support that you expect from us.

2 National Account Managers: We added two new National Accounts Managers to cover the East and West portions of the U.S. and Canada. Their job is to create more opportunities by building a deeper relationship with existing large end users as well as developing new end users; furthermore, to work with our partners to win more business together. They are here to help YOU get deals!

2 Inside Sales Representatives: We have two dedicated inside sales representatives that are teamed up with our outside sales team and will continue to serve you.

2 Field Application Engineers: We are also adding one more field application engineer to work with you on those difficult cases, and be onsite with you working on large deals. The impact on your business and the benefits will bring to you are tremendous.

Distribution Manager: Our distribution manager will manage the channel program of Printronix and TSC to service our reseller partners.




Q: Will the Printronix Brand go away?

A: No! TSC is committed to the brand and has invested in designing and building new Printronix Printers, including a new printer to launch in the fall and another in Q1 2018. Design and development continue to occur in our Brea, California facility.

With the acquisition by TSC, Printronix printers are built in its own factories in Taiwan and China. It gives us full control over the product quality and inventory control.


Q: Will the TSC Brand go away?

A: No. TSC has 25-year history and reputation for designing high-quality printers at affordable prices. We have an expansive lineup of printers and a strong and rapidly growing customer base worldwide.


Q: What are the biggest Advantages in the acquisition for our Partners?

A: Poised for growth – We are currently the 4th largest thermal printer company in the world, and by joining together, we can offer you one of the most complete selections of printers on the market. We are investing in the future by introducing new printers at a faster pace than the industry standard. These are not just “me too” products, but printers with advanced features and reliable performance that give you a real advantage in the marketplace.


Q: Who are we?

A: What truly sets us apart from the biggest players in our industry is the respect we show our customers and partners. We want to work with you to grow the business and have committed additional salespeople, technical support staff, field engineers, and customer service people to make sure you get what you need when you need it. Assistance is only a phone call away. We are nimble and willing to work with you to make deals happen.


Let us know if you have any other questions!


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