Coffee Break Recap: TSC Printronix Auto ID and SOTI Discuss Barcode Label Printers in the IoT World

Earlier this year, TSC Printronix Auto ID announced a partnership with SOTI, a world leader in mobile and IoT device management, to provide Enterprise Mobility Management solutions to customers through SOTI Connect as part of their IoT management ecosystem. TSC Printronix Auto ID has been hard at work updating its firmware to be compatible with SOTI Connect. Customers now have greater visibility and control over popular TSC and Printronix Auto ID desktop and industrial barcode label printers.


In the latest Coffee Break episode, David Lundeen, Vice President of Marketing at TSC Printronix Auto ID, was joined by Shash Anand, Vice President of Product Strategy at SOTI, to discuss printers in the IoT world. The TSC Printronix Auto ID printers powered by SOTI Connect allow companies to remotely manage and monitor an entire fleet of printers. Users can now configure settings, setup security, push firmware updates once out in the field, and get real-time visibility and control from a completely central, remote location.


What is Enterprise Mobility Management?

Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) refers to software typically used by an IT department to configure devices in a one-to-many model. With EMM, there is no longer a need to physically touch every single device in your organization when performing setup or maintenance. Devices across all stores, distribution centers, and warehouses can all be setup, upgraded, and troubleshot remotely and at a massive scale. This saves companies a significant amount of time and resources. Derived from the former industry term, Mobile Device Management (MDM), EMM expands capabilities beyond device management to also address content and applications that reside within your devices.


How Do Barcode Label Printers Fit into IoT?

Barcode label printers have all the characteristics of an IoT device. They contain a processor, hard drive, memory to store data, and have internet connectivity. Barcode label printers can understand and execute commands, but where they previously lack rich internal operating systems, SOTI Connect bridges the gap to give them enhanced management capabilities. When connected to the Internet with this IoT device management solution, you can communicate to these devices, get information from them, and send information to them from a configuration or action perspective.


What is SOTI Connect?

Many customers are looking to leverage IoT devices in order to gain better visibility and control of their operations. Barcode label printing customers want to know when problems occur before they actually happen. The challenge is that each IoT device in your operation may come from a different manufacturer with a different software to manage that device. As an IoT device management solution for many types of devices, SOTI Connect is a standard solution to communicate with all your devices in a single touchpoint.


SOTI Connect extends the capabilities of the SOTI ONE Platform to include IoT devices. It integrates with all other SOTI ONE solutions to empower customers in improving their business. The SOTI ONE Platform also contains a help desk diagnostic tool called SOTI Assist, an EMM solution called SOTI MobiControl, and a rapid app development tool called SOTI Snap. By purchasing a SOTI Connect compatible TSC Printronix Auto ID printer, not only are you getting a device management solution, you are getting a full platform that will provide greater control and visibility of your entire operations.


“We are very proud to be one of the first label printer manufactures to work with SOTI Connect,” said David Lundeen, TSC Printronix Auto ID VP of Marketing. “TSC Printronix Auto ID customers can now remotely update firmware, configure settings, query the state of their barcode label printers, and even reboot them if necessary, from a completely remote location or on-site at their operations.”


Complete Visibility and Real-Time Insights at Your Fingertips

This is the first solution to provide all TSC Printronix Auto ID customers a single pane of glass management system for all of their printers. Customers now have the advantages of complete visibility and real-time insights network printers in a fully customizable interface. SOTI Connect enables customers to discover devices, roll them automatically into a system, delete devices, see the current status and properties of devices, see system logs, and generate reports to collect data around things happening at the label, ribbon, or printhead level. Operations can be more proactive with automatic tracking on hardware and supplies to troubleshoot and reorder before materials can even run out or before problems occur.


A Proactive Solution to Power Your Business

This partnership provides the ideal solution for companies with a heterogenous environment in terms of different printers they are using depending on the use case of their organization. Maintenance and training of employees on different solutions for a diverse fleet can be challenging, and this solution makes that process easier. If your printers are in geographically dispersed locations and configuring or updating is really time consuming or resource intensive, this integration allows you complete remote control over your fleet. For our customers where printers are mission critical to their business operations, costly downtime is no longer a problem with the immediate management capabilities of this solution. Our customers now have the power to be proactive and not reactive to their end users and have greater visibility and control over all device types.


To learn more about TSC Printronix Auto ID printers powered SOTI Connect, click here or contact your local sales representative.


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