TSC CPX4 color printer

[New!] CPX4 Series Color Label Printer: Colorize Your Business, Expand Your Vision

The (new!) CPX4 Series color label printer from TSC represents the latest in printing innovations.

TSC CPX4 Series

Consisting of the CPX4P and CPX4D, this series is an advanced digital label printing solution which allows for customized label design using pigment or dye-based inks, with astonishing resolution quality at industry-leading speed.


6 Key Features of the CPX4 Series

The CPX4 Series is a perfect fit for any and all applications because of several key features:

1) Outstanding Speed

Unlike consumer inkjet printers, the CPX4 Series is equipped with a built-in Line printhead featuring a fixed printhead where only the paper moves, enabling an industry-leading print speed of up to 11.8 ips.

TSC CPX4 color printer

2) Exceptional Quality

The CPX4 Series has a brilliant printing quality with three major advantages:

  • High Resolution: This printer series brings an excellent resolution of 1200 x 1200 dpi, full-color images, sharp barcodes, and text.
  • Lasting Performance: The series’ high-quality ink sustains its performance properly over time.
  • Meet Influx of Demands: The CPX4P is a pigment-based model for durable applications, and the CPX4D is a dye-based model for vivid color applications.

3) Extreme Flexibility

The adjustable media is capable of printing small labels 25.4 mm (width) x 6 mm (length) – 1-inch custom labels. These are perfect for name stickers and essence oil bottle labels, for example:

CPX4 applications

The series’ variable data capability to allows it to support custom label designs in-house and in less time.

With more setting modes than other existing printers, the CPX4 Series optimizes its printout quality by completely customizing the ink amount based on various media types in every single job.

4) Industrial Compliance

Complying with international-recognized standards, the CPX4 Series is capable of delivering GHS-compliant (BS5609) labels and fulfilling ever-changing market demands requiring long-term durability under extreme conditions.

The CPX4 also meets different industrial requirements:

  • Abrasion-Resistant: TSC labels have gone through extensive abrasion testing to ensure image/information loss is not an issue in harsh environments.
  • Alcohol-Resistant: The CPX4 Series is ideal for those applications requiring durable labels which can withstand alcohol (e.g., laboratory environments, healthcare applications, etc.)

5) Absolute Cost-Effectiveness

Digital label printing saves more money without waste and obsolescence. Also, high yield ink cartridges mean fewer change-outs!

6) Comprehensive Service

Our all-around service scheme covers our warranty program, color management program, and cost calculation by our dedicated team:

  • Warranty Program: We tailor extensive warranty programs to help extend the printer’s lifetime and better meet our customers’ needs.
  • TSC Color Management Program (Color Matching): We offer a custom service which allows users to finetune colors to match precisely to the original image, producing clearer and more accurate images.
  • Cost Calculation: We enable you to estimate the cost per label for the best ROI. Moreover, built-in BarTender UltraLite software is included (learn more about BarTender and making your own labels with TSC printers here).


Key Specifications of the CPX4 Series

The specs include:

  • Resolution: 1200 x 1200 dpi
  • Print Technology: Digital
  • Print Speed: 11.8 ips at 1200 x 600 dpi
  • Print Width: 106 mm (4.17”)
  • Ink Type: Dye ink (CPX4D)/Pigment ink (CPX4P)
  • Ink Capacity: 240 ml each (230 ml usable); starter ink tank: 105 ml
  • Interface: Standard – Ethernet, USB 2.0


CPX4 Series Applications

Like all of our printing solutions, the CPX4 Series offers several applications:


  • Event passes
  • Admission/ticketing

Food & Beverage

  • Fresh/raw food labels
  • Nutrition facts labels


  • Medical instructions
  • Prescription bottle labels


  • Shipping labels


  • GHS-compliant/chemical labels


  • Name stickers
  • ID badges


  • Product labels
  • Self-edge/promotional/markdown labels


  • Wine labels
  • Agricultural products
  • Gift vouchers and greeting cards
  • Labels for special occasions


For More Information

To learn more, we invite you to visit the CPX4 Series page here or click here to download a product datasheet, watch how-to videos, and/or see FAQs.


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