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DiagTool: One of TSC’s Most Powerful Advanced Customization Tools [Updated]

Pop quiz: how long does it usually take the TSC tech support team to fix print quality issues?

  • 30 minutes
  • 30-60 seconds

You’re probably used to 30 minutes, right?  Isn’t that how long it usually takes for different companies to resolve other hardware or software issues?

The problem?  This takes time—time you may not have.  Time spent better elsewhere.

So what’s the actual answer?

Oftentimes, it’s the second option—just 30-60 seconds.

Sounds crazy, right?  But it’s true.

Here’s how.




We briefly talked about DiagTool back in May 2017, when we discussed 4 powerful TSC tools you probably don’t know exist, but as a reminder, this is our Windows-based utility program that our tech support team uses to explore and configure TSC printer settings.

Or in layman’s terms, it’s the tool we use to quickly and remotely troubleshoot and resolve any issues you’re experiencing.


DiagTool Features

The great thing about DiagTool is that you don’t need to install it at all.  No log-in is needed, either.  It’s only 1 megabyte in size, downloads within 30 seconds, and easily opens right there, allowing our tech support team to see what’s going on.

After DiagTool is downloaded, you and our tech support team have complete diagnostics on your printer.  Anything from the simple features—print speed, darkness, paper size, etc.—to printer settings, status, and advanced calibrations are shown.

Printer Configuration

On your main screen, you’ll see one of the main features called Printer Configuration:




The Set Printer Functions (see above) help with things like Ethernet Setup, Printer Resets, and Factory Defaults.

We can also look at your Printer Status:




That way, we can tell if, for example, there’s a paper jam, the printer is out of paper, or there’s a ribbon encoder error.

Bitmap Font Manager

Another helpful feature is the Bitmap Font Manager.  This pertains, of course, to your font.  By using this feature, we can select your specific font and encode it.




Overall, Printer Configuration and Bitmap Font Manager are just some of DiagTool’s many features that we use to quickly troubleshoot and fix printer issues.


Why Do We Need DiagTool?

There are three main reasons why DiagTool is extremely important for tech support:

  • It is a more user-friendly tool to realize printer settings/status.
  • We can relieve any difficulties in communicating with our customers.
  • We can control the printer remotely, making it much easier for us to resolve your printer issues within a short amount of time.


How to Get DiagTool 

To download this tool, go to Support & Downloadshttps://www.tscprinters.com/EN/support/Index/ 

Then choose your printer model.

After you’ve filled out this information, you will reach a specific page for the printer model you’ve chosen.

For example, the TDP-225 Series:

TDP-225 Series

Scroll down to Utilities.

Click on the v button to expand it.

Scroll down to where it says “Diagnostic Tool.” This is DiagTool. You can choose the right utility version based on the firmware or module you are using. (Questions about which DiagTool version to choose or which firmware you are using? Get in touch with us today!)

Next, click Download.

The tool should download within 30 seconds or less.


Click on the version you’ve downloaded, like DiagTool_V119, and it will open!



So if you ever run into any printer issues, don’t hesitate to call our tech support team; we’re here for you!

Note: This post was originally published in July 2017. It has been updated and revised for relevance. 


Any questions about DiagTool?  Have you ever called tech support and seen it in action?



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