Genuine TSC Supplies e-Store

Introducing the Genuine TSC Supplies e-Store & PartnerShop!

The new Genuine TSC Supplies e-Store has now made it simple to search for the exact label or ribbon product for use in your TSC printer.

It also includes our most updated tools and resources to help you and your customers easily understand and choose the correct supplies for any printing application.


Genuine TSC Supplies e-Store Key Features
  • All catalog items available for purchase 24/7
  • List pricing only
  • Lead generation for TSC partners
  • Simple, user-friendly search and order format
  • Easy, one-click product reorder
  • Automated order confirmation
  • Real-time order status and tracking information
  • Real-time shipping calculation
  • Multiple payment options

Come take a look for yourself:


By logging into the PartnerShop, your ordering experience can be tailored to your exact requirements, from product to pricing to shipping locations.



The PartnerShop makes ordering quick and easy!

Here are the key features:

  • Password protected login
  • Product visibility tailored exactly to what each partner orders: item and pricing
  • Real-time freight and ability to “hard-code” order quantity and freight options to ensure logistics consistency for multi-point customers
  • Custom-order products can be included
  • Easy, one-click product reorder
  • Multiple shipping locations can be incorporated for a single user
  • Full product order history data
  • Real-time order status and tracking


More Information

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