Food Packaging Labels

Food Preparation Application using TSC Stand Alone Capabilities

Here is an example of a TSC printer being used for a food preparation business.

Our customer needed to make their food compliance labels with the exact correct nutrition information along with an embedded date code on labels that were printed at the end of the prep cycle.

TSC printers have the ability to generate a beautiful label without carrying out cumbersome processes. In this case, a database is stored in the printer and called up by a combination of our great color LCD display using a low-cost USB keyboard. You can see in the video that we have stored not only the information, but a color picture of the item that appears on the display.

This way the user, who is an expert on making sandwiches and not necessarily an expert at using printers, can be assured that the label they wish to print out will have the correct information on.

This is a great example of what TSC standalone capabilities combined with our color displays can deliver to you.

Watch the video!


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