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Why the Healthcare Industry Needs Printers

Did you know that printers can save your life?

Although it may not be the first thing that comes to your mind when you think about printers, they are actually integral parts of the healthcare industry and provide many critical uses.

In fact, you could say that the healthcare industry absolutely needs printers for their critical operations today.


How Printers are Used in the Healthcare Industry

There are many different ways printers are used in the healthcare industry starting from when you first enter a hospital.

Employee ID Cards & Visitor Badges 

For safety and security, TSC printers can print encoded employee ID cards with barcodes that are scanned to release door locks.   Employee ID cards are especially important for patient safety.  That way, facilities can monitor who comes into their buildings.

For other security measures, you also use our printers at the hospital admissions to produce visitor and customer badges on the spot.  These are helpful not only for monitoring guest visits, but also for saving time since they significantly expedite the check-in and check-out processes.

Medical ID Wristbands, Labels & Tags 

Moreover, TSC printers help healthcare organizations to track patients and their medications.  Medical ID wristbands, for example, are one of the biggest applications for TSC’s printers in the healthcare industry.

They’re extremely paramount for patient safety. Wristbands contain information such as barcodes that automatically link to a patient’s chart in the organization’s computer system.  A nurse or doctor can quickly scan the barcode and know who the patient is, why they’re there, what medications they need to (and can’t) take, and other pertinent, life-saving information.

The labels may also contain the patient’s name and other information printed right on there in addition to or instead of a barcode for the same reasons.

There are even increasing trends to include patients’ pictures on the wristbands in addition to barcodes.

By using medical ID wristbands, then, healthcare organizations can avoid giving patients the wrong medication or procedures.

In addition to wristbands, you can also use TSC printers to print other ID options like tags and on-demand labels.  Healthcare organizations utilize these tags and labels for patient security since they monitor ongoing patient treatment, medications administered, and tests performed.

Specimen Labeling, Medication Labeling & Supply Tracking 

Furthermore, TSC printers are used in healthcare is with specimen labeling, medication labeling, and supply tracking.

You can collect and label specimens in the lab or right at a patient’s bedside with our easy-to-transport mobile printers. Specimen labeling allows you to easily collect and track these specimens from lab testing to results delivery.

Medication or IV bag labeling, meanwhile, is another method that prevents healthcare staff members from giving patients the wrong medication.  Often, if you label these items with barcodes, you can match patients with their correct medicine quite easily.

Lastly, TSC printers help with healthcare organizations keep track of supplies, equipment, and kits, among many other items.  Loss prevention is avoided, and they also ensure that they’re always well-stocked with everything they and their patients need.


TSC Printers for Healthcare Settings

At TSC, we’ve developed our printers to easily integrate into healthcare systems.  This is primarily because many of our printers are certified with Cerner Corporation, the world’s largest publicly traded health information technology company.  Cerner provides leading-edge solutions and services for healthcare organizations worldwide.

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After undergoing a rigorous testing and certification process by Cerner, the following printers are now qualified for use by healthcare facilities that use Cerner systems or software:

The TDP-324W in particular is one of our most popular and powerful printers that healthcare organizations use.


TSC TDP-324W Series


It’s a 300-dpi high-resolution desktop barcode printer that prints wristband labels specifically. We custom-designed it to have easy media loading, a compact design, and the ability to hold 6.5″ OD wristbands.

Overall, printers are fundamentally intertwined in the healthcare industry and are found in many areas and applications.

In fact, one hospital can contain as much as 800 printers since the number of printers usually equates to the number of patients—or more.


How to Learn More about TSC Printers & Healthcare: TSC Partners

At TSC, we have many value-added reseller (VAR) partners who specialize in healthcare printing solutions at a high level.  They cater to this specific industry and work with each client individually to identify the TSC printers and other options that work best for them.

If you are interested in learning more about TSC’s healthcare printers or connecting with a local TSC partner about your specific industry, let us know!


Were you surprised to learn how necessary printers are for healthcare nowadays?  Any application interest you in particular?



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