Michael Paul

Get to Know Michael Paul, TSC’s Central Territory Manager (U.S.)

Michael Paul is our Central Territory Manager.

(A fun fact: he also played basketball for four years at Ole Miss!)


Q: How long have you been at TSC?

Just over two years.

Q: What regions do you cover?

Our central territory. This consists of Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Ohio, Kentucky, and Tennessee.

Q: What verticals you specialize in?

I don’t really specialize in one particular vertical because of TSC’s versatility. Many of our value-added reseller partners work with a lot of different kinds of end users. From healthcare to manufacturing and warehousing, I’ve covered the gamut of industries.

Q: What are some surprising facts or stats about TSC’s printers that most people may not know?

How long we’ve been around in the industry. Our parent company, Taiwan Semiconductor Co., was incorporated in 1979, and our Thermal Printer Division was founded in 1991.

They also don’t realize that we manufactured the original Eltron printer, which is how we really got our start in the thermal printing industry. In 1991, our Thermal Printer Division collaborated with Eltron to develop desktop barcode printers. These Eltron printers were really the first desktop printers in the marketplace.

People are also surprised when they find out that we’re one of the top 5 printer manufacturers in the world.

Q: What are your thoughts on current trends in the printing/Auto-ID industry, and where do you see the future of printing going?

Both at the reseller and the manufacturing level, we’ve seen a lot of printer manufacturers buying out and acquiring other companies. Many companies are joining forces. We’re seeing a shrinking of the industry. It’s starting to get more mature.

I think we’re seeing more and people wanting to go mobile on a lot of different things, too: mobile printers, handheld computers, iPhones, iPads, tablets, etc.

The trend is gearing towards Wi-Fi and cloud-based devices. As a result, we’re moving into the age of a more tech-savvy printer. In the past, you had to hook up your printers with a serial port and print off one computer, but now things have changed immensely.


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