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The Scoop on Auto-ID: An Interview with Richa Gupta from VDC Research

What are the biggest trends for industrial printers for the next five years?

What industries will experience the most growth?

What is the current state of the Auto-ID industry worldwide?

If these are some of the questions that you, as a reseller, independent software vendor (ISV), or integrator, are looking to answer, then look no further than VDC Research Group, Inc.

VDC Research is a market research firm headquartered in Natick, Mass., which has provided in-depth market insights for a connected world since 1971. A trusted resource for a few key industries – including Auto-ID – VDC Research offers unmatched content and insights about deeply technical markets.

To learn more about VDC Research and the invaluable resources this market research firm provides, TSC interviewed Richa Gupta, the director of AutoID & data capture at VDC Research.

Here’s what we learned…


Tell us more about VDC Research and your experience in the Auto-ID and data capture industry.

VDC Research is a market research and strategy firm that covers four distinct markets:

  • IoT & Embedded Technology
  • Auto-ID & Data Capture
  • Enterprise Mobility & Connected Devices
  • Industrial Automation & Sensors

Our aim is to provide our customers with the most up-to-date content on these markets so that we can help them meet their strategic goals and objectives, as well as stay on top of the latest industry trends.

In addition to generating independent thought leadership content like market reports and analyses, we also provide custom consulting services including targeted surveys and market forecasts.


How does VDC Research collect Auto-ID and data capture information?

We use a rigorous research methodology consisting of both quantitative and qualitative means. Our analysts and directors have regular conversations with the ecosystems of any tech sector we are covering.

When I do research for the auto-ID and data capture industry, I have comprehensive conversations with end users, integrators, resellers, and more. Many of the companies my colleagues and I communicate with are relationships we’ve built over several years.

Additionally, end users provide us with detailed quantitative data so that we can capture a full picture of the industry.


How can your reports and your research help resellers, integrators, and ISVs who provide Auto-ID and data capture solutions their customers?

Our reports, both syndicated and specialized, fall under the purview of Auto-ID and data capture.

Whether you are interested in learning more about omnichannel as it relates to retail or warehousing, or if you need to know about the trends facing the AIDC market, all our research can you with insight into the competitive landscape.

You do a deep dive into an end user segment or different types of end users, know how different hardware manufacturers are performing around the world, see global industry trends, and identify opportunities for growth.

VDC Research can also provide you with Excel spreadsheets along with our reports that have very granular data across different parameters. For instance, we break down revenues by vertical, print width, vendor, region, etc.

You can benefit from knowing that you are keeping a close eye on your market and how it is evolving. You may even identify the need to tweak your operational processes to ensure that you can capitalize on high-growth opportunities.


Further Reading & More Information

To learn more about VDC Research, the services they provide, and the insight they can offer to you, visit them online at http://www.vdcresearch.com.

In the meantime, here are four articles to check out from their AutoID & Data Capture Blog that provide information about the industry:




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