Looking for an Affordable 600 dpi Printing Solution? Look No Further Than TSC’s TX600 Desktop Barcode Printer

The TX600 is One of the Industry’s Smallest and Most Affordable 600 dpi Printers

600 dpi Printing Made Affordable

In the past, companies that needed a printer with 600 dpi resolution were forced to buy expensive high-end industrial printers. For high-volume operations such as printing 2,000 or more labels per day, an industrial printer is an excellent choice. However, for applications with a lower print volume of 1,500 or fewer labels per day, a high-performance desktop printer like the TX600 is a more cost-effective choice. The TX600 with 600 dpi is about half the price of an industrial printer. Each replacement printhead starts at $150. The TX600 with 600 dpi offers customers substantial savings while meeting their high quality, high resolution printing needs.

Meet the TX600 Desktop Barcode Printer

The TX600 with 600 dpi offers the calibration and registration required for high-precision printing of small labels. It is a member of the popular TX200 printer family.

  • 600 dpi resolution
  • Up to 8-inches (203 mm) per second print speed
  • 128 MB Flash memory and 128 MB SDRAM memory
  • MicroSD Flash memory expansion up to 32 GB
  • User-friendly clamshell design
  • Serial, internal Ethernet, USB 2.0 and USB host interfaces standard
  • 5″ color TFT Display
  • Label capacity up to 5” (127 mm) OD
  • Ribbon capacity up to 984’ (300 m)
  • TSPL-EZ firmware for easy plug-n-play setup
  • Optional peel-off module, cutter module, external Bluetooth module, slot-in 802.11 a/b/g/n wireless module, stand-alone keyboard
  • ENERGY STAR® qualified

What is 600 dpi?

A printer with 600 dpi prints 600 dots-per-inch which means it offers excellent print resolution. Since most thermal barcode printers are only available in 203 dpi or 300 dpi configurations, a printer with 600 dpi resolution doubles the print clarity. In the past, 600 dpi print resolution was only available in high-end industrial printers. The TSC TX600 is one of the smallest and most affordable printers to offer this level of print resolution.

When are 600 dpi Printers Used?

High-quality print resolution is usually a requirement when printing small labels. As a best practice, the smaller the label, the better the print clarity and resolution needs to be. Here are just a few of the industries that use 600 dpi printers.

  • Electronics manufacturers: Labels for circuit boards, computer chips, phones and other digital electronics
  • Vinyl safety signage industry: Warning labels and identification labels for components in electronic panels and warehouse environments
  • Cannabis industry: Ingredient labels on packages
  • Jewelry Retailers: Small retail labels on merchandise
  • Pharmacy and Medical Labs: Prescription labels and specimen labels

An Example of 600 dpi in the Cannabis Industry

One of our customers in the Cannabis industry recently switched to the TX600 with 600 dpi resolution. In addition to the cost savings benefits, they chose the TX600 for its ability to perform standalone printing. That means the printer does not need to be near a computer or external network for the operator to change content.

Since much of the labeling is done in the greenhouse, a separate computer is not always available. By utilizing a series of pre-programed label formats, the operator is able to choose a label customized for a specific brand. Each grower has several brands and within each brand can be several sub-brands. The standalone feature makes it easy to move between brands and saves the company the cost and inconvenience of maintaining a separate computer.

The standalone feature included with the TX600 is not a common feature in desktop printers.  The standalone feature is usually limited to high-end industrial printers but is included as a standard feature in many TSC printers.

For more information about the TX600 printer or any of our other 600 dpi printers, please contact your local sales representative.


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