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How to Use Barcodes & TSC Printers for Manufacturing Traceability

Traceability, as we mentioned in our last post, has become prevalent in the food and beverage industry. But it isn’t just limited to this sector; today, industries as diverse as pharmaceuticals and manufacturing are implementing traceability technology and processes into their supply chain.

You could almost say that manufacturing needs traceability. Why is that? Well, production and sales activities have become more complex and diverse than ever before.

And in order to gain a competitive advantage in an ever-evolving environment, production quality must be efficient and without error.

Manufacturing traceability helps resolve this issue by giving companies the ability to control their quality. With barcodes and TSC printers, you can prevent breakdowns in production and easily manage the flow of products and information in both the office and on the factory floor.

Interested in learning how you can use barcodes and TSC printers for manufacturing traceability? Let’s explore this below.


The Barcode Label

TSC has developed the solution for your product management challenges and traceability goals: a barcode label.

This might sound simple at first blush, but by using a barcode label, you have access to all the information you need since they can store information about the product, prices, and stock levels.

By scanning the barcode and sending the information to a centralized computer system, you get information in real time.


Labels Provide Traceability Data in One Place

Manufacturers usually set up barcode labelers on the workstations on the factory floor. Then, as the raw materials are processed into semi-manufactured goods, they are promptly labeled for their different purposes.

When made into the final products, the barcodes can provide a comprehensive inventory status, complete with all the categories and total stock numbers.

As data is continually being transmitted to update the system at headquarters, you will have the information on every single semi-manufactured good or final product, such as its location or status, at your fingertips, combining both production and sales data into one simple database.


Labels throughout the Production Process

As you see in the infographic below, you can use barcodes throughout the entire production process for traceability:

manufacturing traceability


The Results

Using a TSC label printer to install an automatic labeling system allows you to enjoy the benefits of higher quality products.

As the main database at headquarters is updated in real time, employees and operators will pay more attention to their respective tasks, and be held accountable for the confirmation of product specifications, weight, and quality.

The system also allows users to easily trace products. If consumers ever have doubts about the quality of a product, you can trace its production process through the barcode and find the source of the problem.

Not only will this improve internal management, it will also greatly increase consumer confidence and trust in the quality of the product, resulting in higher sales figures.

TSC products will not only assist clients in lowering error rates and costs, but also in increasing efficiency and productivity.

More importantly, it is highly compatible with any product and can be easily integrated into a production line.


Recommended Products for Manufacturing Traceability: TTP-2410MT Series









The TTP-2410MT series is the smarter choice for high-quality product labels. With the “Thermal Smart Control” print head control technology, no matter how many items you need printed, the print head will always be uniformly heated, providing precise and high-quality barcodes.

The TTP-2410MT series printers can hold up to a 600-m ribbon supply, eliminating the need to manually change ribbons frequently, resulting in a much smoother printing process.

Key Features:

  • Heavy-duty die-cast aluminum design that is built to handle high-volume demand cycles
  • 3″ color LCD includes new UI design with 6-button menus and touch panel for more user- friendly operation
  • Ribbon capacity monitor widget helps detect supply levels
  • Auto TPH resolution switch detection
  • Available in 203 dpi, 300 dpi, and 600 dpi resolutions which makes it ideal for printing very small 2D barcodes, graphics, fine print and other ultra-high-resolution images
  • TSPL-EZ™ firmware for plug-n-play ease and includes Eltron® and Zebra® language support

–>Learn more by watching the TTOp-2410MT in action here.



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