TSC MedBand Patient I.D. Wristbands

Introducing TSC MedBand Patient I.D. Wristbands [for TSC Americas Only]

Did you know that TSC has wristbands?

We’re proud to introduce one of the latest offerings from Genuine TSC Supplies for the Americas division: our MedBand Patient I.D. Wristbands, direct thermal wristbands for adults.


Genuine TSC Supplies


Now, we have wristbands that take advantage of the 6.5-inch OD capacity of 300 wristbands on a roll.

These wristbands meet healthcare identification requirements while providing a durable and comfortable solution to patient safety.

They’re designed for use in TSC’s line of direct thermal printers and will ensure superior imaging and ease of application.

*Note: These are only available in the Americas.



Key Features of TSC MedBand Patient I.D. Wristbands

TSC MedBand Patient I.D. Wristbands

The key features include:

  • Constructed of strong, latex-free, non-irritating material
  • Resistant to abrasion, alcohol and mild cleansers
  • Tamper-evident adhesive closure
  • Economical, durable, and water-resistant
  • Accommodates text, linear and 2D bar codes, photos, and graphics
  • Flat print area ensures ease of scanning
  • Barcode wristbands improve operations efficiency, while preventing data entry and collection errors
  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • Available in colors
  • In stock for immediate shipment

In addition, it’s worth noting that TSC MedBands meet patient and safety regulatory guidelines:

  • Joint Commission National Patient Safety Goals
  • American Health Association (AHA)
  • Health Insurance Portability & Accountability Act (HIPAA)
  • MR-SAFE… Safe in all MRI environments

To learn more about these wristbands, go here.

You can also see all of the supplies available through Genuine TSC Supplies by downloading the 2018 Supplies Catalog.


TSC’s Other Healthcare Products

Our MedBand Patient I.D. Wristbands complement our already robust line of products for the healthcare industry.

These include:

1) TDP-324W Series


The TDP-324W is economical, high-resolution, 300 dpi wristband printing solution. This desktop printer is widely used in the healthcare industry for patient IT tracking and, in addition to working with the TSC MedBands, also works with any available wristband rolls on the market.

Unlike other direct thermal printers, the TDP-324W series features a compact design, but can still hold a full 6.5-inch OD roll of wristbands.


2) Cerner Certified Family of TSC Printers

If you didn’t catch our announcement this past December, our DA200 Series was certified by Cerner Corporation.

The DA200 Series was the latest series of TSC printers to join our diverse array of desktop and industrial printers certified for use worldwide by Cerner.

From our TDP-255, our 2-inch wide direct thermal desktop printer, to our TTP-2410MT thermal transfer industrial printer with a color touch display, we offer over 20 Cerner-certified printers for hospitals and other healthcare facilities.


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