Introducing the ML240P & MB240T Industrial Barcode Printers from TSC

Introducing the ML240P & MB240T Industrial Barcode Printers from TSC

TSC is proud to introduce two new industrial barcode printer series: the ML240P and the MB240T Series.

Representing the utmost in affordable and reliable printing solutions with a small footprint, both new printer models include some of the newest innovations and applications from TSC’s engineering team.

Let’s see what each printer series has to offer!

ML240P Series

The TSC ML240P Series is a brand-new generation of industrial barcode label printers that has a durable and flexible design and does not require special tools for performing common service and maintenance.

Key Features

1) Streamlined & Small Footprint Design

The ML240P Series has a completely new, more compact design and a smaller footprint previous solutions.

2) Robust & Agile Design for Optimal Quality

The combination of a rugged diecast, modularized base and an adjustable TPH module design structure enables stable and long-lasting print quality.

3) Noise-Reduction Printing Engineering

With its enhanced design and printing algorithm, the noise level from printing operation is dramatically reduced.

4) Self-Diagnostic TPH Care Mechanism

The TSC purpose-developed TPH Care Mechanism offers an advanced level of auto-detection, ensuring the real-time printhead health status.

By scanning and detecting bad dots during the entire process of printing, it has been proven to stabilize high-quality printouts consistently and minimize the waste of consumables for maximum cost-effectiveness.

Learn more about the TPH Care function here.

5) Effortless User Operation with Color Display

Enjoy the ease of use of this printer with its 2.3″ color display and intuitive indicators. Also, this series includes a wide-open angle for easy media handling.

6) One-Step Maintenance

The tool-less removal of the printhead and platen roller saves a significant amount of time for printer users.

Key Specifications  
  • Resolution: 203 dpi/300 dpi
  • Print Technology: DT/TT
  • Print Speed: 6 ips/ 5 ips
  • Print Width: 108 mm (4.25″)/ 105.7 mm (4.16″)
  • Ribbon Length: 450-meter

The ML240P Series can meet the needs for several industry applications including:

1) Warehouse & Logistics

Industry operators can use the ML240P Series for applications such as packing, order fulfillment, inventory management, and shipping/receiving.

2) Healthcare

The ML240P Series is ideal for printing patient wristband labels and blood test tube labels.

3) Manufacturing

Need product marking, compliance labeling, or work-in-progress labels? Look no further than the ML240P Series.

4) Retail

This printer series is excellent for printing event tickets and product labels.

MB240TT Series  

With a small footprint, compact design and quiet operation, the TSC MB240T Series is the right product for 4″ wide light industrial label printing.

Key Features  

1) Small Footprint & Rugged Design

The MB240T Series is more compact, lighter, and has a smaller footprint when compared with the TTP-246M.

2) Intuitive Operational Interface

The MB240T Series offers ease of use with its 3.5″ touch color GUI display and intuitive indicators.

3) Flexible and Advanced TPH Mechanism

Like the ML240P Series, the MB240T Series benefits from the flexible and advanced TPH Mechanism.

4) Diverse Media Handling Options

Take advantage of this printer series’ diverse media handling options including a liner rewinder, a peel nodule, and an 8″ O.D. label.

5) Versatile Availability of Connectivity

The MB240T Series includes standard interfaces: standard USB, a USB host for USB storage devices, and serial and internal Ethernet.

But there’s more: The MB240T Series also has optional connections such as a seamless wireless connection (wireless slot-in module: 802.11a/b/g/n), a steady Bluetooth interface (internal Bluetooth 4.2 module), and additional GPIO input/output connection.

6) One Step to Quick Setups and Updates

Scan 1D or 2D barcodes to set up the printer or clone the configurations in one step.

Key Specifications: MB240TT  
  • Resolution: 8 dots/mm (203 DPI)
  • Maximum Print Speed: 254 mm (10″)/second
  • Maximum Print Width: 108 mm (4.25″)
  • Maximum Print Length: 25,400 mm (1000″)
  • LCD/LED: 5″ touch HVGA color LCD; 1 status indicator
Versatile Applications

The MB240T Series, like the ML240P Series, meets a variety of different industry applications.

1) Warehousing/Distribution/Logistics

This printer series can be used for applications including order fulfillment, shipping/receiving, inventory management, and packing.

2) Manufacturing

The MB240T Series can be used to meet manufacturing printing needs such as a product marking, work-in-progress labels, compliance labeling, and other industrial-duty printing.

3) Retail  

The MB240T Series is great for event ticketing and product labeling in retail applications.

What’s Next?

For more information about the ML240P Series, visit the product page here.

And for more information about the MB240T Series, visit the product page here.

Do you have any questions about either printer series? Leave us a message in the comments below!



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