TSC Auto ID Technology & Printronix Auto ID Unveil New Joint Partner Program

TSC Auto ID Technology & Printronix Auto ID Unveil New Joint Partner Program

If you attended our first ever combined partner conference back in May for North and South America or read the recap, you probably heard about the new joint partner program for TSC Auto ID Technology and Printronix Auto ID Technology partners in the Americas.

This month, we’re officially unveiling it to the world.

What is the Joint Partner Program?

The joint partner program provides the same benefits as the TSC Partner Program and the Printronix Power Partner Program, but with more expanded services, products, and solutions through the combined power of both manufacturers.

TSC and Printronix partners can:

  • Access the market’s most reliable and diverse thermal barcode printers
  • Take advantage of easy printer installation and replacement
  • Get new leads and business opportunities
  • Work with regional sales managers who provide on-site sales support and are there with you to help you close the deal
  • Utilize our service and support for whatever you need
  • Sell both TSC and Printronix printing solutions

Benefits for Current TSC Reseller Partners

If you’re a TSC reseller, you can now access the variety of solutions that Printronix also provides including:

  • 24/7 extreme-duty applications (widths of 4.1″, 6.6″, and 8.5″)
  • Online Data Validation (ODV): Printronix Auto ID’s exclusive ODV is a barcode validation and verification technology that is integrated into our industrial thermal printers.
  • RFID printers: The Printronix line of RFID printers was designed to meet the growing demand for encoding and printing RFID labels at an affordable price.
  • PrintCart: The only mobile printer-power solution proven to last through demanding work shifts. Its Advanced Power Management System is designed to lower your operating costs and increase productivity.
  • PrintNet Enterprise: An exclusive remote printer management utility that you can use to easily organize your Printronix Auto ID thermal and RFID printers in a single dashboard from which you can remotely monitor and control them from any networked PC.
  • Printronix System Architecture: an intelligent design platform that combines exclusive features with a common set of building blocks to simplify printer replacement/installation and improve productivity. Notable features include:
    • More language emulations (Printronix, Code V, Zebra, Toshiba, Intermec, Sato, Datamax, IER, and Monarch)
    • Optional emulations: PDF and Postscript printing, as well as IPDS and legacy LinePrinter+ (Proprinter, Epson, Serial Matrix, P-Series) and QMS Code V

Benefits for Current Printronix Reseller Partners

If you’re a current Printronix Auto ID reseller partner, here’s a quick overview of some of the many benefits that TSC can give to you:

  • A full line of desktop printers
  • 600 dpi capability
  • Very precise print registration
  • 8″ OD roll to 8″ OD roll internal rewinders
  • Standalone applications including large color touchscreen displays, host UPS ports, and the ability to easily run internal programs
  • A growing mobile printer lineup
  • 2-year warranty

What’s Next?

With the unveiling of our new joint partner program, TSC and Printronix Auto ID partners can now sell all of the solutions that Printronix and TSC have to offer.

Need RFID printers? Mobile printers? Desktop printers? Multiple language emulations? Standalone applications? Barcode verification solutions?

You now have access to these (and more) through the new joint partner program.

For More Information

If you’re based in the Americas, we invite you to reach out to your local TSC or Printronix contacts for more information. See below!

TSC Printronix Auto ID North American South American Central American team contacts


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