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The New Nutrition Labels: What You Need to Know — and How We Can Help

For our customers in the food processing and hospitality industries, labels are an extremely important part of their operations.

With the new FDA rules and revisions to the Nutrition Facts Label in North America, companies are scrambling to make sure their new labels are compliant with the new regulations.

Infor puts it best in their 2017 whitepaper, “Perfect Product Labeling,” when they write: “Labelling is all about helping consumers make informed decisions, while also preventing consumption of ingredients that could be personally harmful, such as allergens.”


New Regulations & Labels

Per the changes to the Nutrition Facts Label, companies who manufacture packaged goods must have labels that:

  • Feature a refreshed design
  • Reflect updated information about nutrition science
  • Update serving sizes and labeling requirements for certain package sizes

These infographics from the FDA illustrate what the new changes look like:

nutrition labelsnutrition labels

In addition to these FDA changes, some states also require that anyone who is preparing food to be packaged—i.e., not just food processing companies—must include nutrition labels on their food.  Many of these people may not have been required to in the past.

So, if you’re affected in any way by these new regulations, what do you do?


How TSC Can Help

Our strength here at TSC is our value-added reseller (VAR) partners, many of whom actually specialize in the food processing and hospitality industries and are well-versed in all the new regulations.

They can help you choose the best printers and labels for your operations and ensure you’re compliant with the new rules.

The two printers our hospitality customers primarily use are:


TX200 Series

This is a desktop thermal transfer barcode printer that offers high performance for a new generation.

 TSC TC210


This desktop barcode printer is part of our TC Series and is durable, reliable, fast, and designed for ease of use.


TSC Label Solutions

Now, let’s imagine you that own a few bakery chains.  You need to print labels that are compliant with new regulations.

It isn’t uncommon that without TSC guidance, you’d probably just go out and purchase a sheet of 50 ingredient labels at once, on your own.

It makes sense, at first; after all, you need labels, and why not just buy a whole bunch to avoid a hassle?

But you don’t actually end up avoiding a hassle; you create one for yourself, unintentionally. Let’s say you print all 50 labels, then find out that, lo and behold, your labels don’t meet regulations anymore.

Or maybe you decide to change your ingredients, so all of your prior printed labels are suddenly incorrect.  You can’t provide your customers with the wrong information.

So what do you do?

First, you have to have the right labels, in the right quantities.  Many of our partners use our Genuine TSC Supplies to provide the best labeling options to their customers.

Then you have the programming capabilities to make new nutrition labels when you need to.  You can keep your label information on a flash drive or in a database that you can obtain easily using our middleware tool.

Making the labels is quite simple as well; by utilizing the Seagull Scientific BarTender software that’s included with all of our printers, you can effortlessly create and update new label formats.

So, in the end, you’ll be able to edit, modify, and print the correct nutrition labels for your products in real time.


Do you have any questions about the new rules for the FDA’s Nutrition Facts Label?  Have you run into any issues with printing labels yourself, or would you like to be connected with one of our VARs who specializes in your specific industry?  Let us know!



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