Not Sure Which Printer to Buy? Choose a Printer That Fits Your Application and Try It Risk-Free.

How it Works

The TSC Printronix Auto ID Try and Buy Program offers eligible TSC and Printronix Auto ID resellers the opportunity to provide their customers with a limited risk product evaluation.

How Does the Try and Buy Program Benefit Customers?

Buying a new thermal barcode label printer can be a daunting task, especially when changing printer brands. Will the new printer emulate my current printer language? Will it be easy to use? Will the new printer integrate with existing software and applications? These are all legitimate considerations.

Eliminate the risk by trying a TSC or Printronix Auto ID printer before you buy. If you are not happy with your choice or if the printer does not seamlessly fit into your application, simply return it.

Why Do We Offer A Free Trial?

We stand by our commitment to engineering excellence and product quality. We are confident that when you try our printers, you will enjoy its high performance, overall product quality and ability to improve workflow efficiencies. Try a printer at your facility, integrate it into your application, use it to print labels, and if you aren’t completely satisfied, just return it.

Here are some of the reasons we feel confident you will keep our printer.

  • Quality – Our printers are made to last. We are so confident in the quality of our products that we are one of the only companies in the industry to offer a 2-year warranty on every printer.
  • Printer Language Emulations – We offer one of the broadest selections of emulations in the industry. Our expertise in emulations allows TSC and Printronix Auto ID printers to integrate seamlessly into any existing application.
  • Range of Products –We know that choosing the right printer for your operation is key to the success of your application. TSC Printronix Auto ID offers one of the largest selections of printers in the industry with options for every budget, application and volume requirement. We even offer high-end features such as RFID printing and an integrated printer and barcode verification solution.

Case Study: Try and Buy Program Helps Customer Streamline Their Operation Risk-Free


One of our regional sales managers recently accompanied a partner to a large engineering company that was unhappy with the mishmash of industrial printers they were currently using. The only thing the printers had in common was their ability to print labels with 600 dpi print resolution. In addition to the problems inherent in operating and maintaining different brands and styles of printers, the company was having trouble getting 600 dpi replacement printheads. Furthermore, the available printheads were very expensive. They needed a new solution.


Utilizing the Try and Buy program, we worked with our partner and end-user to integrate a TSC TX600 printer with 600 dpi into their operation. The TX600 emulated the existing printer languages and integrated into their existing application seamlessly. TX600 printers are about half the cost of their existing printers and the cost of replacing printheads was also cut in half.


The customer was able to try a new printer risk-free and ended up with a solution that saved them money, increased their productivity and streamlined their operation. They have since replaced their old printers with new fleet of TX600 printers.

Take the Challenge

If you have not had the opportunity to try one of our thermal barcode label printers, we highly recommend that you take the risk-free challenge. We are confident that once you try a TSC or Printronix Auto ID printer you will make the switch and join our growing list of satisfied customers around the world.

Contact your local sales representative to learn more about the program. Program details and availability may vary by region.


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