20 Predictions for the 2019 Holiday Season

20 Predictions for the 2019 Holiday Season

The holiday season is almost here!

What can we expect in terms of sales numbers, how much people will spend, and what purchasing trends will be?

Check out these 20 predictions for the 2019 holiday season to learn more!


How Much Will Consumers Spend this Holiday Season?

Holiday sales have increased every year since 2010 and are expected to increase by 3.8-4.2% in 2019, reaching between $727.9-730.70B. (Source)

Of 2,003 people surveyed in one study, 10% more shoppers than last year anticipate spending at least $500 on holiday shopping. (Source)

Overall, most consumers plan to spend a total of $1,048 during the holiday season; this includes gifts, decorations, candy, and more. (Source)

Buyers between the ages of 35-44 will spend more than any other age bracket. (Source)


When Will Most Consumers Shop?

Like last year’s holiday shopping predictions, most consumers expect to start searching for gifts before Thanksgiving. (Source)

What Will Consumers Buy?

Most consumers will purchase clothing, gift cards, and electronics during the holiday season this year. (Source)


What Will Be on Shoppers’ Wish Lists?

Over 50% of consumers would like to receive gift cards this holiday season. (Source)

Other popular items on people’s wish lists include clothing/accessories, books/other media, electronics, and home décor. (Source)


In-Store vs. Online: How Will People Shop?

Over 50% of consumers will buy online this year. (Source)

92% of online shoppers will take advantage of free shipping. (Source)

48% of online shoppers will use buy online, pick up in store (BOPUS) services. (Source)

53% of consumers will purchase holiday-related items at department stores. (Source)

51% of consumers will do their holiday shopping in discount stores. (Source)

Similar to last year’s holiday season, most consumers will buy both in-store and online. (Source)

Consumers still enjoy – and often prefer – shopping in-store to shopping online, but they choose brands who offer meaningful in-store “experiences” beyond just transactions. (Source)


Which Devices Will Consumers Use?

73% of consumers will use a tablet or smartphone when researching or purchasing gifts. (Source)


What Will Influence Where People Shop?

70% of consumers will choose to buy from retailers that offer sales and discounts. (Source)

Social media is – and will be – “very influential” on how Millennials and Generation Z make purchasing decisions for the holiday season. (Source)

Over 50% of women under the age of 45 will pay a premium for products if the proceeds benefit a cause they care about. (Source)

When it comes to searching for gifts, most consumers look in-store, on Amazon, and with Google searches, but Amazon is the #1 starting place for online research. (Source)



Overall, many of the trends that we saw in 2018 will carry into this year’s holiday season. Many of the trends look bright, despite the still shaky state of the retail industry.

The good news is that brick-and-mortar stores can still have opportunities if they offer more “experiences” when shoppers visit their stores, use services like BOPUS, and entice consumers with both online and in-store services.

Do you have any thoughts about these trends?


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