TSC Printer Management: The Free Tool that Makes Your Printing Job Easier

What would your business be like if you had a free tool that allowed you to see the statuses of all your network printers at once?

If, with a click of a button, you could view your entire list of printers and have any issues immediately flagged: paper jam, out of paper, ribbon end error…and more?

The good news is that you don’t have to imagine what this would be like. The tool already exists. It’s our TSC Printer Management (TPM) tool, and it’s available, right now, for download on our website—at no cost.



TSC Printer Management: What is It?

Printer Management is designed to make your printing job easier.

This integrated tool incorporates features that enable you to explore more than one printer’s settings/status remotely and effectively manage a large array of printers.

5 Printer Management Features

With Printer Management, you can:

1) Manage multiple devices in multiple subnets and locations — globally 

Printer Management allows you to change multiple printers’ settings; download graphics, fonts and firmware; create a printer bitmap font; and send additional commands to a vast amount of printers at the same time.

You can do this–remotely–on a widespread scale, over different subnets and even different business locations across the globe.

TSC Printer Management


2) Create specific printer groups for viewing purposes

Create a printer group with three conditions (IP, interface and model name). After selecting a group, it will list the specific conditions for printers only, allowing you to easily troubleshoot specific printers.

TSC Printer Management


3) Receive alert functions

You can use the alert function to monitor specific groups and specific printer statuses, and record them. By doing so, you’ll receive alerts when, for example, printers have statuses like Ready, Printing, Paper Jam, and Out of Paper.

TSC Printer Management


4) Give printers aliases to easily identify many printers at once

With the “Manual Name” feature, you can assign aliases to your printers and make it easier to identify many different devices at once.

TSC Printer Management


5) Simply set, explore, and configure your printer settings

There are several taps (Basic, Advanced, ZPL settings, DPL settings, RS-232 and Wi-Fi, Ethernet, Bluetooth and Information) included in the printer configuration feature of Printer Management. This allows you to either see all your printers’ settings at once and make changes to all your devices, or see them individually and change changes per specific printer(s).

In addition, you can also change the printer language and emulate different fonts.

TSC Printer Management



How to Get TSC Printer Management

Like DiagTool, Printer Management is free of charge and supported by the TSC USA office in Brea, California.  You also don’t have to install the tool; it runs on top of Windows, so there are no installation security issues whatsoever.

To download this tool, go to Support & Downloadshttps://www.tscprinters.com/EN/support/Index/ 

Then choose your printer model.

After you’ve filled out this information, you will reach a specific page for the printer model you’ve chosen.

For example, the TDP-225 Series:

TDP-225 Series

Scroll down to Utilities.

Click on the v button to expand it.

Now click on the Download button next to TPM (Printer Management). 

TSC Printer Management TPM

Then you can open it!

Have you ever used Printer Management before? Let us know about your experience!




8 responses to “TSC Printer Management: The Free Tool that Makes Your Printing Job Easier”

  1. Saul Shao says:

    How can I add the printer into the tool?
    I can see none even I specified the ip address of the printer

  2. Ervin Peters says:

    I have some issues about with fontsize under Gentoo / Gnome 3. Some words are clipped.

    Would it be possible to provide the source code, maybe on gitlab?

    • TSC Admin says:

      This will depend on how you are encoding the fonts to the printer. Fonts native to the printer will get reproduced by the printer at time of print. Fonts not supported will first need be converted to image data. Please contact your reginal TSC service center and provide them a data dump of your print job for further assistance.

  3. spencer says:

    I read this article and knew the new things. this is very interesting seriously. Your integrated tool incorporates features that enable you to explore more than one printer’s settings/status remotely and effectively manage a large array of printers. Nice printer.

  4. Ben Oakes says:

    Great article! printing job is not much hectic but you should know some basic thing about the printing, to arrange the paper with the format of its size, but it’s a great platform to learn and it is free of cost also, thanks for sharing this with us.

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