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How to Do a Quick Setup Out of the Box with TSC Printers

At TSC, we’ve consciously developed our thermal label printing solutions to be as user-friendly as possible.

With tools and technologies like TCF Config and Thermal Smart Control, we make it very painless to install and configure our printers for various applications.

In fact, we’ve deliberately manufactured our products so that they are easy to use from the get-go.

Interested in knowing more?

Here’s how to do a quick setup out of the box with any TSC printer.


Follow These 6 Steps to Set Up TSC Printers 

When your printers arrive, the wireless SSID and security keys are empty by default for security purposes.

For more of a largescale project, you will need to utilize a few more of our resources.

1) Download either DiagTool or TPM from the TSC website.

TSC offers two free tools which are easy to access: DiagTool and TSC Printer Management (TPM).

  • DiagTool is a utility program that our tech support team uses to explore and configure TSC printer settings.
  • TPM is an integrated tool incorporates features that enable you to explore more than one printer’s settings/status remotely and effectively manage a large number of printers.

To download DiagTool or TPM, go to Support & Downloads, then choose your printer model, and then scroll down to the Utilities section.

TSC DiagTool TPM

2) Connect to the printer via a USB cable.
3) Open the TSC tool (DiagTool or TPM).
4) Find the Wi-Fi menu in the tool you’re using.

TSC DiagTool WiFi

5) Set up the Wi-Fi setting.
6) Restart the printer.

That’s it!


A Quick Note about TSPL

TSC has its own native TSPL print language which you can use to complete printer/wireless settings.

You can also use it for different scenarios like setting up your printers through different communication interfaces like a USB drive or a scanner.

Then all printer parameters can be configured without a PC.


How to Auto Update Wi-Fi Settings for TSC Printers: 1 Example

Let’s say that you are using one of our Wi-Fi printers like our TX200 Series or an MT printer with a USB host feature, and you have a USB thumb drive.

Here are the procedures to follow:

1) Change the SSID and WPA key.
2) Save as AUTO.BAS, then store in the root of the USB thumb drive.
3) Restart the printer.
4) Power off when “Finished!! Turn off & Unplug USB drive” is displayed on the printer LCD.
5) Remove the USB thumb drive.
6) Restart the printer.
7) You will see the WLAN connected icon and the IP address is the connection is okay.

TSC Example

So, there you have it!

You should now be able to do a quick setup right out of the box with your TSC printers.



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