Service Provider Reports Improved Productivity and Increased Customer Satisfaction After Implementing TSC’s Alpha-3R Mobile Printing Solution

Learn how a local service provider in Mexico used the Alpha-3R to improve customer satisfaction and simplify their route accounting operation.


Employees use motorcycles to navigate their routes when calling on residential customers. Using the Alpha-3R mobile printer and an Android™ smartphone, the driver collects money from the customer and issues an on-site receipt. If the customer is not at home, the driver prints a notice to let the customer know they came by and schedules a return visit. Each driver issues approximately 50-75 receipts a day.

When a driver returns to the office, they turn-in the collected money and print a summary of the day’s activities. The accounting department uses this information to ensure that every customer’s account is properly credited. Additionally, management can use the information to track regional trends and evaluate the driver’s overall productivity.

Improved Results

The new automated process is faster for drivers, more convenient for customers and has improved accuracy in the office. Prior to using the Alpha-3R mobile printer, drivers issued handwritten receipts which were hard to read and easy to lose. Employees in the office were dependent on those receipts to properly credit a customer’s account. Lost receipts and unreadable receipts lead to errors and unhappy customers. Overall customer satisfaction and productivity has significantly improved since implementing the Alpha-3R mobile printing solution.

Why Did They Choose the Alpha-3R?

The company has been successfully using the Alpha-3R mobile printer for seven years and continues to purchase new Alpha-3R printers on a regular basis. They use the Alpha-3R because it is affordable, easy to use and has proved remarkably durable even when strapped to a motorcycle five days a week.

Alpha-3R Capability Meets Durability


  • IP54-rated protective case to resist dust and water
  • Plastic design with rubber over-molding construction that withstands 5 ft. (1.5 m) drop
  • Wired and wireless communication interfaces: USB 2.0, RS-232, Bluetooth®, and 802.11 a/b/g/n
  • High capacity 2500 mAh rechargeable lithium-ion batteries
  • Lasts more than 30 hours on a single battery charge
  • Large paper capacity to reduce the frequency of changing paper roll
  • High-speed processor and extensive memory for fast print speeds of up to 4” (102 mm) per second
  • Supports TSPL-EZ (EPL2 and ZPL emulations), ESC-POS or CPCL emulation
  • 2-year warranty


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