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Quick Guide: Special Options for TSC Printers

Let’s say that you’re looking at the datasheet of the MX240P, one of our industrial thermal transfer barcode printers, and as you scroll to the bottom of the second page, you come across these:




Many people don’t know about all the special options that are available for our printers. The good news is that we have numerous options available so that you can adapt our printers to your specific operations.

Here’s a quick overview of some of our most popular special options that available to you and when you’d want to use them:


1) External Roll Mounts

External roll mounts are available for our desktop printers.  This way, you can adjust the printers to the media that you use.

For example, the industry standard is a 1-inch core with a 5-inch out diameter.  But for industrial uses, it is more economical to buy 8.4-inch OD rolls that fit on 3-inch core external spindles.

By using our external roll mounts, you can use these OD rolls in industrial environments with desktop printers like our TTP-247 Series.

As such, you can continue to use the OD rolls of labels you used in the past and save money since desktop printers, in general, are less expensive than industrial label printers.


2) Peel-Off Modules/Kits

Let’s go back to the “Dealer Options” listed for the MX240P.  Do you see the peel-off kit?

Peel-off modules, or kits, are available on almost all of our printers.  Why are peel-off kits valuable?  Let’s say, for instance, you use printers in your shipping department.  One of your employee’s duties is to remove each label and place them on each box as it comes down a line.

While printing hundreds of labels, the printer will print one label, then stop. Afterwards, it will peel the label off the backing. As soon as one label is taken from the printer, the printer will print out the next label.

This will save time and seamlessly integrate with your employee’s duties and your overall shipping operations.


3) Cutters

As you see on the MX240P datasheet, we offer two cutter options for this printer: a regular cutter and a heavy duty cutter.

Cutters are exactly what they sound like.  They are helpful because they can be applied to specific media.  Cutters can cut in between label gaps for they are perfectly- and evenly-spaced. We also have cutters for continuous media, like vinyl, that can cut any length you need—automatically.


4) Care Label Cutters

TSC Care Label Cutter

The tags found inside of T-shirts—also known as “care labels”—require specialty designed cutters. Many of our clients (especially in Latin America, where textile garment labels are often used) take advantage of the care label cutter we offer for our TTP-2410MT Series industrial barcode printer.

We designed the care label cutter to print and continuously cut garment industry care labels at a high rate of speed. The care label cutter is capable of cutting textile garment labels such as cloth, ribbon, paper, polyester and nylon tape with a thickness to 0.15 mm.


5) Internal Rewinding Kit

The internal rewinding kit factory option listed for the MX240P is available for both this printer and the 2410MT Series that I described above. Here’s how the internal rewinding kit works: the printer has a redirect path on its front to wind the labels back up.  When you print labels, you can wind them to a separate label spool.


More Information

Interested in learning more? Let us know! All of our printers and special options have specific part numbers that align together, and we’d love to explore what options are best for you.



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  1. MInh Tran says:

    hi. i use cutter for model TSC ME240.

    i have software bartender?

    The thing is the cutter dont cut anything, How to solve it?

    It was installed by TSC services center.

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