TCF Config: Customizing Printers for Any Application

Imagine that you’re an IT manager for a manufacturing company, and you’ve been tasked with identifying the best supply chain management software to purchase for your firm.

During the evaluation process, there are probably some certain things you are looking for – customization being one of them.

After all, supply chain operations can vary significantly – even in the same industry.

So, you want software that you can customize and modify. Software that is flexible, adaptable, and suited for your company specifically.

The same goes with printers.

When you’re evaluating which printers to purchase for your company, we know that for you and many other firms, customization is a big deal. Vital, even. You’re looking for devices that are not inalterable. You’re seeking printers that are as flexible as the hypothetical supply chain management software you might investigate.

Enter TCF Config.


TCF Config: An Overview

Because TSC printers are used in so many different markets all over the world, for many different types of applications, our team developed TCF Config so that we can easily customize our printers for a multitude of customers.

TCF Config is one of our most powerful tools that you may not already know about.  It essentially is another layer on your firmware that works with almost any form of configuration conceivable.

Whether modifying defaults, setting certain settings, or even telling the printers to ignore certain commands, we can adjust our printers so that they integrate seamlessly into your operations.

For every customer, TSC will spend as much time as needed to understand the unique challenges of their particular environment. As a result, we determine the best settings, ways to handle media, and many other things that our printers should have for said environment.

Once we lock those settings, we create a TCF file and load it onto the printers.

(Note regarding TCF Config: TSC will have control over all of the creation and distribution of the TCF Config tool for management purposes.)


Examples of Custom Configurations for TSC Printers using TCF Config

TCF Config allows our partner dealers’ end user applications to be customized as desired and required.  It can do many things; in fact, if you think of it, we can likely do it.

With this tool, we can develop custom configurations for our printers, some examples including:

  • Change the density base (heat table) to make it easier to use certain ribbon(s)
  • Change the menu to Spanish or another language
  • Lock speeds, heat, etc. to work with specific media combinations
  • Change factory default by department if need be to change top of form detection, label size, etc.
  • Lock display with or without password

In summary, TCF Config is an example of our most advanced and utilized customization tools for TSC printers.

Let us know if you are interested in learning more about TCF Config or any our other tools!  



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