The Advantages of Using a Standalone Barcode Printing Solution

The concept of something being “standalone” is exactly what it sounds like—a system or program that can operate on its own without being attached to an external computer or network.

In the barcode label printing world, standalone solutions allow the user to enter information directly into the printer without the use of a computer. TSC’s standalone application makes printing solutions more affordable, easier to use and can be adapted into a wide variety of business operations.

In a traditional printer application, barcode printers are usually installed in one of two ways:

  • Attached to a computer that runs label design software and pulls from a database
  • Attached to a network with software that is designed to print labels

Cost savings
In many applications, a dedicated computer attached to a printer is required. If your application uses multiple printers, you may need to purchase multiple computers. With a standalone application, the added expense of buying computers is not necessary; you simply enter information directly into the printer and print. If you need to enter a lot of information, you can attach a keyboard you already have on hand directly to the printer.

An easy-to-use solution
In many industries, barcode label printers are frequently moved for everyday tasks such as assembly line setup or warehouse packaging. In retail environments, printers are commonly moved throughout the store to print labels at the point of application. Moving multiple devices can be difficult and cumbersome. Standalone applications are easier to use since you only need to move the printer.



Why we created standalone applications for our barcode printers
Customers requested an inexpensive and more mobile solution and we listened. We designed a standalone, barcode label printing solution that uses our TSPL firmware.

TSC’s TSPL firmware has database capabilities and advanced middleware tools that allow the printer to query a network or a cloud-based database to pull data.

Versatile features make it adaptable for a variety of applications

  • Easy-to-read color displays on key models make it user-friendly
  • Touch screen displays allow direct data entry into the printer without the use of external keyboards or scanning devices
  • Compatible with external devices such as keyboards and scanners for easy data entry when required

Standalone applications in action
Here are a few examples of how some of our customers benefit from standalone barcode label printing applications:

  • Tracking goods through a manufacturing or assembly process. At each station, a printer with an attached scanner is used to scan data from parts coming down the assembly line. The printer uses that data to print work-in-process labels to identify materials as they proceed to the next stage of production.
  • Printing out sandwich ingredients in a sandwich shop. A database of sandwiches and their ingredients is stored in the printer. The sandwich maker uses the color display to pick out which sandwich has been made, then prints out an ingredient label and price label to affix to the finished product.
  • Printing auto service windshield static cling labels when servicing cars. Using the standalone application, the employee enters the car’s mileage directly into the printer. the printer is then able to calculate an automobiles mileage and expected return date for the next oil change. Once the label is printed, the static cling label is then printed and affixed to the vehicle’s windshield.
  • Tracking patients through a hospital: A patient’s information can be encoded into a barcode upon admittance. Labels with the information are attached to all paperwork, medications, and test samples as the patient moves throughout the hospital. As new labels are needed, the patient’s existing barcode is scanned at duplicating stations around the facility that consisting of a TSC printer and a programmed barcode scanner .

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