Three Reasons Why You Should be Using Linerless Labels

Could your operation benefit from using linerless labels for your mobile barcode label print jobs? Simply put, linerless labels are labels that do not have a peel-off backing (liner). With linerless labels, every label printed already has an adhesive backing exposed that is ready for application. Read on to learn how to unlock the economic, operational, and sustainability-related benefits of going linerless.

1. Reduced Application Time

Printing on-the-go with a mobile printer requires quick and accurate application of labels in a demanding environment. With linerless labels, the printer nor the operator has to take the extra step to peel the label off of a backing and discard of the waste. This print and apply labeling method allows the label to be cut and immediately placed, boosting an operation’s efficiency and volume of items that can be labeled each day.

We understand in many cases, high volumes of orders can cause supply lines to get backed up. Time is money, and these delays can compile to eventually have drastic effects on the success of your business. Eliminating time on tasks even down to the print and apply level can add up and result in larger amounts of time saved and boost productivity

2. Cost-Saving Labels

 By eliminating the paper backing traditionally attached to barcode labels, the resources needed to produce and package the labels are automatically decreased. Since linerless labels require less packaging they yield lower shipping costs for the user. No liner allows for more finished material per carton. That means customers receive more product for the price of a roll of linerless labels. Companies can also avoid fines by adopting linerless labels. Eliminating liner waste complies with OSHA standards by eliminating potential waste material on workplace areas or floors.

Adopting linerless printing doesn’t mean you will have to spend a lot of money on purchasing an entirely new printer either. Multiple TSC Printronix Auto ID products like the high-performance, Alpha-2R, Alpha-4L, TDM-20, and TDM-30 mobile barcode label printers already come equipped to support various media widths and can accommodate most media for regular or linerless mobile printing.

The media spacer on our equipment is easy to install and allows for specific media widths. The adaptability of linerless labels is a major benefit in itself because users can print different label sizes without having to change the roll. This greatly reduces the inventory of stock-keeping units (SKU) and quantities needed if a customer normally runs different label sizes through the printer. In other words, the integration of linerless printing into your operation is seamless and affordable when the printer you currently use can be adapted to easily adopt a cost-saving printing method.

 Linerless supplies list prices are normally higher than traditional die-cut labels. However, when comparing label to label, the higher cost per roll of linerless is offset drastically by the savings and convenience of linerless printing.

3. A Sustainable Printing Method

Organizations looking to leave a more environmentally friendly footprint can find great benefits in using linerless labels on their products. By eliminating the peel-off backing, the labels become essentially waste-free. Everything that comes out of the printer is used and applied. There is nothing to throw away, thus lowering operational waste emissions, and every piece of the label is put to use.

Whether you are interested in reducing time on labor, saving money on supplies and printing, or finding a more sustainable way to operate, introducing linerless labels to your business will allow you to do more with less.

To learn more about linerless labels from TSC Printronix Auto ID Genuine Supplies or TSC Printronix Auto ID mobile printers contact your local sales representative.


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