Genuine TSC Supplies

TSC Custom Supplies Solutions

So you’ve just purchased some TSC printers.  You’re good to go, right?

Hang on a second…

What about supplies?

Yes, supplies – whether labels, tags, tickets, or thermal transfer ribbons, you’ve got to have ’em.

At TSC, we know it’s a hassle to have to purchase supplies from an outside vendor – or even several vendors – and then make sure they work perfectly with your printers.

That’s why we offer Genuine TSC Supplies to support your stock or custom supply needs.


What kind of custom supply solutions does TSC provide?

Simple: we aim to be your partner for any application requiring a custom supply solution. Our product experts work with you individually and provide the proper solution to your unique label, tag, or receipt requirement(s).

We’re here to help you choose a product construction set suited to the demands of your application.  TSC will work with you through the entire process, providing material samples and design proofs as required.


TSC Supplies


What are Genuine TSC Supplies?

This is our complete selection of pre-qualified supplies that will provide guaranteed performance through any of our printer models.

Examples include:

  • Labels
  • Tags and Tickets
  • Receipt/Transaction Supplies
  • Thermal Transfer Ribbons

You can learn more by visiting here:

Check out our entire catalog here:


TSC Supplies


Why choose Genuine TSC Supplies?

  • Guaranteed Performance – Genuine TSC Supplies meet the performance standards as required by TSC printers. All of our supplies have been prequalified for use in our printers…ensuring “no worry” performance.
  • Consistent Quality – This ensures optimum performance through your TSC printer…every printout, every time.
  • Comprehensive Product Portfolio – A wide selection of TSC Genuine Supplies are available for all industrial, desktop, and mobile printer models. Most items are in stock and available for immediate shipment.
  • Availability – With multiple product distribution points within North America, your supplies will be where you need them, when you need them.


TSC Supplies


Looking for additional ways to obtain the lowest possible price for your custom supplies? Check out TSC’s FlexShip Program.  With this program, you can take advantage of volume pricing…and only take delivery of product as you need it.

To learn more, connect with us today!


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