Colorful! Easy-to-Use TSC Models with Color Displays

Over the last several years, we have introduced new lineups of printers that feature optional, easy to understand and use color displays. These backlit color menus are intuitive and designed to eliminate the hassle of deeply embedded menu commands that can drive users a bit crazy when trying to set up, maintain, or operate a printer. With TSC, it’s easy.

Models include:


Our MX240P Industrial Printer. The flagship of our industrial line up, the MX240P features amazing speeds of up to 18 inches per second, and our new easy to understand icon-based menu structure using our 4.3-inch color touch display along with 6 physical buttons to make navigating the menu simple.





Our very popular “MT” series of midrange industrial printers are available in 4-inch, 6-inch, and 8-inch wide models. Each features a 4.3? color touch display. All of our color displays make navigating a snap, but you should also know that they can be easily custom configured by your Value Added Reseller if you are so inclined.






Our color displays are not just limited to our more costly heavy-duty printers. We have two lines of plastic desktop printers that also feature easy to operate color displays.

The TC210 Series is designed to print at least 500 labels per day.





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