TSC Printers and All Barcode Systems Teamed Up to Deliver a Labeling Solution for a Major Automaker in an Unprecedented Shift to Manufacture Critical Medial Supplies


To help in the fight against COVID-19, a major automaker announced it would dedicate part of its production plant to manufacturing ventilators and personal protective equipment (PPE). Supplies for these critical items are in short supply and manufacturers are finding it difficult to keep up with demand, so the automaker quickly shifted from manufacturing cars to helping provide vital equipment to healthcare workers on the frontlines of the pandemic.


The automaker needed to create an efficient and highly productive process that could be implemented quickly and operate trouble-free. After a thorough vetting process of technology solution providers, All Barcode Systems was selected by the automaker for their expertise in manufacturing and assembly line solutions.


Upon evaluating the needs and requirements of the project, Barry Petenbrink, East Coast Sales Manager of All Barcode Systems and Scott Steiner, President of  All Barcode Systems, formulated a solution and reached out to TSC Auto ID for help with barcode label printers. All Barcode Systems knew that bringing in proven technology was critical to implementing their solution quickly and efficiently. Based on their previous experience, All Barcode Systems was confident in its partnership with TSC to implement a solution quickly.

“We are pleased and excited to have been chosen by such a prominent automaker to help in the building of ventilators to fight COVID 19” said, Petenbrink, All Barcode Systems. “We provided printers and custom labels to aid in the tracking of parts.”

All Barcode Systems reached out to James Jurek, Western Region Sales Manager, TSC Auto ID, after-hours on a Friday evening and by the following Friday a custom programmable solution was created. Subsequently, 120 TSC TX200 desktop printers were shipped to the automaker’s plant. TSC’s system engineers worked directly with All Barcode Systems and the manufacturer to create a standalone, on demand printing solution that included programmable label size, label quantity, and sequential numbering.

The program allows the operator to enter a set of numbers directly into the printer and print out a series of labels. Once the labels are removed and attached to ventilator hoses, the operator presses a control button for the next set of numbers. Since the ventilator hoses varying in size, they need to be able to change label sizes quickly and easily.


TSC’s TX200 with standalone capability was the perfect solution. Operators found the printers easy to use and they provided trouble-free operation that kept the production line flowing smoothly.

“When All Barcode Systems reached out and asked us to work on a solution for this project, I was honored and excited to participate on a such an important and critical project. Our technical team, David Smit in particular, worked non-stop until we had a viable solution.” said Jurek. “I have worked with Scott and Barry on several projects in the past and have profound respect for their industry knowledge and tireless work ethic. I look forward to partnering with them again.”

About All Barcode Systems

All Barcode Systems is a worldwide distributor of automated data collection equipment, software system, label printers and media. Automotive, Aerospace, Agriculture, warehousing and transportation are among the industry segments that their solutions have been implemented within. All Barcode Systems offers equipment from the major industry innovators and is especially honored to represent TSC Auto ID as a leader in Barcode Label printers.

About TSC Printronix Auto ID

TSC Printronix Auto ID is a leading designer and manufacturer of innovative thermal printing solutions. The company is comprised of two-industry-leading brands, TSC and Printronix Auto ID and has over 65 years of combined industry experience, strong local sales engineering support, and a history of continuous investment in new product development. TSC Printronix Auto ID is capable of quickly adapting solutions to meet the needs of customers, from small businesses to Fortune 500 companies. TSC and Printronix Auto ID are proud members of the TSC Auto ID Technology Company family.



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