TSPL-EZD Firmware Update

TSC to Introduce Updated TSPL-EZD Firmware

If you didn’t catch the news in our latest article on why emulation is a big deal for barcode label printers, TSC will shortly release our new TSPL-EZD firmware that combines our native TSPL print command and programming language with the ability to translate EPL2, ZPL and now DPL print command languages right out of the box.

What is TSPL?

TSC first launched its TSPL-EZ firmware in 2007.

TSPL-EZ combines the powerful TSPL language – which features excellent print and programming features – with automatic translations of two common Zebra corporation printer languages known as EPL2 and ZPL.

A TSC printer running TSPL-EZ immediately determines which of the print command languages has been sent to it and translates the code into high-quality labels.

Thanks to high-speed processors and a highly skilled firmware team, this translation happens just as fast as – or faster than – than the existing non-TSC printer that is being replaced.

What are the new features of TSPL-EZD?

Shortly, TSC printers will start shipping with the updated TSPL-EZD firmware.  With TSPL-EZD, we have combined the power of our existing firmware with the additional translation capabilities of the DPL printer command language that is common to printers from companies that include Datamax, C.Itoh, and others.

As with our current firmware, no switches or other setup are required.  Your TSC printer running TSPL-EZD firmware will automatically understand which print commands have been sent to it and print out the labels that you need and expect!


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