What else Ken we do?

What Else Ken We Do?

If you’ve checked out any of our Advanced Customization Series videos this year, you probably saw one or two interviews with this TSC team member:

TSC Ken Chou

Ken Chou is our engineering director and spearheads the engineering and tech support team for TSC Auto ID Technology America Inc.

As we mentioned in our blog post about Ken and his team back in October, the pillar of TSC is engineering and tech support team.

They consult with resellers and end users every day on our printers, different applications, and different ways to customize our devices so that they serve a particular need or function. Our team loves challenges – thrives on them, even.

To learn more about some of the other challenges they’ve faced and what the results were, we interviewed two of our sales managers – Michael Paul (Central Territory Manager, U.S.) and Jim Jurek (Western Territory Manager, U.S. and Canada).

Here’s what they had to say about what we “Ken” do!


Q:  What is the most complicated challenge or goal you’ve ever run into, and how did Ken and his team solve it?


Jim Jurek TSC

Jim Jurek (Western Territory Manager, U.S. & Canada):

“One of our resellers was working with a major heavy equipment manufacturer that makes a wide variety of hoses. All of their hoses required certain kinds of labeling. The challenge was that every hose is different, and the materials used to print labels for them are very expensive. The manufacturer, therefore, didn’t want to waste any material.

So, Ken devised a way for our printers to provide labels continuously and also put these labels on the hoses. We worked with our reseller partner to add peeling mechanisms in the printer model (TTP-2410MT) that cut the labels.

No one had ever done anything like this before. Ken wrote the firmware, and they developed this process together in about a month.

One more thing: the end user required that when the workers were printing labels in a warehouse, they had to use protective gloves. So, we incorporated a foot pedal for the printers so they could print while working.”


Michael Paul (Central Territory Manager, U.S.):

TSC Michael Paul

“I’ve got a great example. One of our reseller partners was working with a Fortune 500 corporation in the southeast U.S. that designs, manufactures, and distributes engines, power generation, and filtration products. Members of the TSC team and from our reseller’s team went down to one of their facilities because they were thinking about upgrading all of their printers.

At the time, they were using printers from a different manufacturer and had seven different label formats that printed seven different kinds of labels for different automotive companies: Chrysler, General Motors, etc. If they printed out a label, it was for one customer. But for another label, they would have to change the X and Y axis points to adjust where the actual print was located on the label.

The process was really time-consuming. Every time they changed a label format, someone from the IT team had to walk through the 1-million-square-foot warehouse and change the X and Y axis points on the printer. Then, when they had to print another label, they’d have to call IT back to do this all over again.

When Ken arrived at the facility, he wrote a program that allowed the manufacturer to have seven different label formats of all the labels they had, all in one printer. They could stick one kind of label into the printer, choose what label they wanted to print on the front printer panel, and it would automatically adjust the axis to where the printhead would print out.

As a result, the IT team didn’t have to waste time manually changing the printers, adjusting the X and Y axis points, or going back and forth in their warehouse. The IT department was given a printer management tool that would allow them to sit at their desk and focus on other duties instead.”


Key Takeaways

  • At TSC, our foundation is truly on partnerships with our end users.
  • The more complicated the situation or application a reseller is having with their end user customer or prospect, the better!
  • If it hasn’t been done before, we can do it.


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