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Why Digital Printing Matters

Compared with the pre-printed market, digital printing has an astonishing growth rate per year.

In the United States, for example, the digital printing industry is anticipated to grow at an annualized rate of 2.7% and reach an estimated total revenue of $11.8 billion by 2022.

This is for good reason: digital printing brings considerable benefits to businesses.

It’s no wonder, then, that many companies have adopted digital printing techniques to stay competitive, better serve their customers, and reduce their overhead costs.

Want to know more? Here’s a quick primer on why digital printing matters and how it can be an advantage for your business.

Enhanced Printing

Full color and customized label designs stand out from the crowd. By offering these kinds of label designs, you can meet – and often exceed – your customers’ expectations.

Also, you can help your end user customers to easily deliver unique marketing messages for brand loyalty.

Finally, you can create up-to-date, fresh, eye-catching visual labels.

High Efficiency

Overall, the high efficiency offered by digital printing will help your business prosper for several reasons. For example, digital printing helps you to easily meet tight deadlines. No longer will you have any wait times for ordering, lead times, and shipments; now, you can quickly respond to your customers’ demands. You also won’t have to stop for pre-printed rolls exchange/loading.

According to the market research company IBISWorld, of the five success factors that they recognize that companies in this business need for success, prompt delivery is one of them. Digital printing enables you to provide exactly that: prompt delivery to your customers.

Absolute Flexibility

With digital printing, you can easily print multiple designs. Furthermore, you can easily manage your print capacity both on-premise and in-house.

Also, you no longer need to worry about minimum order qualities (MOQ) and can instead print on an as-needed basis.

Clear Visibility

Digital printing offers clear visibility and reduces the risk of printing errors on the wrong label stock.

Moreover, color-coding and highlighting improve accuracy in the business process and workflow.

No More Waste/Costs

Digital printing is also beneficial because you can reduce the cost of over-printing, inventory, and waste as well as eliminate pre-printed label stock holding costs.

Great Versatility

Variable data printing gives you the ability to offer customized styles and a personal touch and, perhaps most importantly, easily meet a variety of label needs in market sectors. Some examples include:

  • Manufacturing: GHS Compliant chemical labels
  • Warehouse & Logistics: Shipping labels
  • Retail: Product, promotion and markdown labels
  • Healthcare: medical instruction and prescription bottle labels
  • Entertainment & hospitality: Event passes and admission/ticketing
  • Office: ID badges and name labels
  • Food & beverage: Fresh/raw food labels and nutrition facts labels
  • SMBs: Wine labels, agricultural products, gift vouchers/greeting cards, and labels for special occasions

TSC’s Advanced Digital Printing Solution: The CPX4 Series Color Label Printer

Because of benefits like the ones we mentioned above, TSC is proud to be at the forefront of this industry with our new advanced digital printing solution: the CPX4 Series color label printer.

If you didn’t catch our recent product announcement about the CPX4 Series, it’s an advanced digital label printing solution that allows for customized label design using pigment or dye-based inks with astonishing resolution quality at industry-leading speeds.

Check out the CPX4 Series in action in this quick video:


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