Your Guide to Creating Customized Menus for Your TSC Printer

TSC’s exclusive TSPL software makes it easy to create customized, image-based menus for your TSC thermal printer. Once the menu is created, operators can easily print labels from on-screen prompts such as text, images, or glyphs. These types of menus are especially useful in the hospitality and food industries as well as chemical labeling.


Use Custom Menus During the COVID-19 Pandemic to Keep Your Employees and Visitors Safe

The ability to create custom menus to print dynamic labels is only limited by the imagination. More than ever this capability can help businesses as they respond to the COVID-19 pandemic and look for ways to keep their operations moving forward while keeping their employees and customers safe.

Custom menus can be used safely and securely during the screening process of visitors before they enter the office building. Menu prompts can be created to enter visitor names, date, ask a series of questions with “yes” and “no” buttons, and enter individual temperature readings. Alerts can be set up if a visitor does not meet the pre-defined criteria. If the visitor successfully passes the screening process, an operator can print out a visitor pass and allow safe entry into the building. A full audit report of everyone that entered the building is also available on-demand.

TSC’s technical support team is standing by and available to support customers with setting up custom menus.

Below are two additional examples of customized menus that were created for an application in the food industry and chemical labeling.

TSC Customized Menu for Food Industry Labels

The following menu was created using the TSC TC210 thermal transfer desktop printer. Information about the product such as the price and image are pulled from a custom database created in either .TXT or .CSV format. The user can choose from a list of items shown on the color LCD display.

The user simply scrolls through the menu prompts and selects the item they want to print.

Before printing any labels, a preview will appear on-screen.

If the label that appears on-screen is incorrect, the operator can use the menu directional buttons to scroll through the list of available labels until they find the correct label.

Once a label has been selected, the user can choose how many copies to print.

The user can then select “print” and the specified number of labels will print.

TSC Customized Menu for Chemical Labels

Here is an example of a customized menu using our TTP-2410MT industrial thermal transfer printer for printing chemical labels.

Which TSC Printers Can Be Used to Create Custom Menus?

We have illustrated examples using the TC210 desktop printer and the TTP-2410MT but other thermal printers can be used as well. Below is a list of additional TSC thermal printers that can be used to create custom menus:

Desktop Printers:

Industrial Printers:

Since our custom menus are intuitive and loading databases is a straightforward process, creating custom menus is easy.

Watch the video below for more details.


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