Your Questions Answered: Durable Printers, Buy-and-Try Programs & Softkeys!

Continuing our theme from last week, here are the answers to three of the most common questions you asked us about our printers last year.


1) How durable are TSC printers?

Durability is obviously very important – especially in industrial environments.

That’s why we’ve designed both our desktop and our industrial printers to be very durable.

The majority of our desktop printers are constructed with plastic polymers, so their construction is more rigid than other flimsier printers in the industry.

We also design most of them to be compact, so not only do you have printers that will last a long time in various environments, but you also have printers that won’t take up a lot of space – yet still offer high-performance printing.

Meanwhile, we manufacture our industrial printers to have a diecast frame so unless you were to, say, hit one of our industrial printers with a forklift or throw one down the stairs, they would survive well in an industrial environment.

In fact, when our customers (especially newer ones) get their hands on any of our printers, they are usually very happy with the printers’ durability.

When we send our customers printers for testing, they often remark on how much they love the construction of the printers and how solid they are compared to printers they’ve used in the past.


2) Does TSC offer a buy-and-try program?

The short answer is: yes.

Every TSC printer that we sell comes with a full 30-day money-back guarantee. There may be differences in the test period, based on your region. US based customers are free to obtain a unit, test it out for 30 days*, and make sure it fits their applications.

If there’s a reason anyone doesn’t like a printer they’re testing, they can send it back and get full credit for their purchase.

We should note that for a printer to come back is very rare. Only a fraction of a percent of the printers we sell is sold back.

Also, if someone is evaluating one of our printers and is working with one of our reseller or other sales partners, and a longer trial period than 30 days is needed, all they need to do is talk to us, and we can figure something out.

* The 30 day try-and-buy program is for the US. There may be regional differences in this time period


3) Do any TSC printers have softkeys on the computer screens?

Yes – especially in our new industrial printers. These printer lines have large screens that operate like the touch application on your smartphone.

All of the menu applications are accessed right there on the printer screen and with the hard keys on the bottom.

You can use the touchscreens to do many different things – including generating food compliance labels.

For fun, we even made a game for one of our printers with a touchscreen and softkeys that looked like Pac-Man.

This obviously isn’t the most useful application, but it just goes to show you how much we can customize any of our printers with softkeys and touchscreens for your specific application(s).


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